The first table with modern design that generates Green energy without needing sunlight.

The self-sufficient e-intelligent table that generates clean energy for all your electronic devices

eBörd is a smart table that generates energy through light. Solar exposure is not necessary to generate energy, it can be used indoors and does not require connection to the electricity grid, which allows the table to be located anywhere. eBörd is a generator of clean, self-sufficient and design energy.

The whole glass panel in its entirety allows you to recharge your electronic devices and without the need for cables.

Crystal charger

The entire eBörd surface provides power to all your electronic devices. You just have to place them on the glass. For smartphones, tablets and inductive charging wearables.

Surround music (Optional)

If you want to, eBörd can come equipped with a high quality surround audio system, which connects to the devices via bluetooth. So you can enjoy your musical moment while your devices recover energy.

Chill light (Optional)

eBörd has a high efficiency Led lighting system, for moments of rest or reading. It does not need a connection to the electrical grid since the system is self-sufficient energy generator.

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The first table generator of clean and self-sufficient energy that makes compatible modern life and environmental care.

eBörd is a smart table that generates energy through light, even indoors. It allows you to recharge your electronic devices in a simple way: by depositing your device on the glass the mobile phone starts charging automatically. Without cables, without plugs and without forgetting that your energy is green and respects the environment.

No plugs

The upper glass is equipped with a solar collector that collects indoor and outdoor ambient light (from 150 lux) and transforms it into electrical energy to power the wireless load.


Wireless charging system. No more cables. Standard Qi. Compatible with Apple and Android.

The whole glass area charges your devices

Allows to charge through the whole surface thanks to the new system of nanotechnology applied by eBörd.

Does not need sunlight

Its advanced system allows to capture light in interior spaces without the need for sunlight.


La primera mesa generadora de energía limpia y autosuficiente que hace compatible la vida moderna y el cuidado del medio ambiente.

eBörd es una mesa inteligente que genera energía a través de la luz, incluso en interiores. Te permite recargar tus dispositivos electrónicos de manera simple, dejar sobre la mesa y recargar. Todo ello sin olvidar que su energía es green y respeta el medio ambiente.

¿Por qué eBörd es diferente?

  • No se enchufa
  • No necesita luz solar
  • Evita 27.835,5 kg de CO2 al año.
  • Permite ser utilizada en diferentes ambientes y lugares
  • Es autosuficiente
  • Es moderna y adaptable
Evita CO2 100%
No necesita red eléctrica 100%
Funciona en interiores y espacios con poca iluminación 100%

Different finishes and designs, for personal lifestyles.

eBörd has different finishes with noble materials and top quality, which adapt to the style of each of our customers.

What finishes can I choose?

  • Bright black
  • Silver
  • Chrome

The eBörd table can be used in different locations such as homes, waiting rooms of hotels, hospitals, medical centers, restaurants, night spots, airports ...

eBörd is not only an advanced green energy generator system, it is also a social movement that makes urban life compatible with nature. eBörd is a table where we spend time of our lives not only to recharge our device, but also to feed the little stories that happen around it.