Much more than a table

eBörd is not a simple inductive charger, nor a simple table. eBörd is the result of great efforts in development and research. eBörd is the first step of a great technology project that allows to reconcile modern, urban and even consumer life, respecting, caring and not altering the environment.

The company started in 2015 with the mission to accelerate energy transition, after 3 years of research and development of a new solar collector, the first product with Proton technology is launched to the market. The ebörd table is launched as a demonstration of the advantages in technology, including indoor and dim lighted environments.

The technical goal of Proton, is to continue investigating in the solar collector to increase the efficiency of the modules and create a new way to generate renewable energy, within the reach of any lifestyle.

Behind this great research project we find a young team, eager to change the establishment, and under the brand Proton Future we have developed the capacity to generate renewable, clean and self-sufficient energy in interior locations without the need for sunlight.

eBörd, our e-intelligent table, allows you to charge all electronic devices, without the need for cables, without the need for sunlight, and on top of that, without the need to pollute the environment. eBörd adapts to your needs, to your environment but also to your style.



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Our commitment is to reduce the environmental impact, reduce economic costs, reconcile cities and life that exists in them with a positive efficiency over nature.

eBörd, is much more than a table, it’s much more than energy, it’s much more than us. eBörd is your attitude, a realistic movement that brings together people with a decisive attitude, a large community of eBörd owners that in the medium term get incentives to take care of everything that one day we borrowed from nature.

eBörd, your smart life table.